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The UK Student & Residential “Buy-To-Let” Market

As well as providing you with somewhere to live, over the last 30 to 40 years, UK property has done very well. Its value has risen faster than wages, or the cost of living. It’s made many people very wealthy. Although interests rates remain at a record low it has become harder to persuade banks and building societies to lend to individuals keen to add property to their investment portfolios. However the pension release in 2015 will have a positive effect allowing more people to invest in this market place.
However there have been some interesting developments in the property market that offer appealing alternatives to traditional ‘buy to let’ properties. One of these has been the rapid rise of student accommodation. Investors have discovered they can earn upward of 5% per annum without having to become actively involved in their purchase. Like all investments buyers must be very careful when selecting one of these ‘alternative’ developments. Considerations such as the potential for capital growth, the property management company and the actual size of the accommodation are just some of the important factors that must be taken into consideration.
Similarly if you are considering staying with the traditional route of Residential ‘buy to let’ it is vital that all factors affecting rental return and capital growth are considered carefully including neighbourhoods, local growth plans and local demand.

As a company Cyan has examined many schemes and are confident that they have found the ‘best of the best’. For example,Student & Residential Accommodation projects that provide not only excellent returns but also a reasonable chance of capital growth have been found.

Cyan will continue to explore our network and source only products that provide the best prospects for our clients.