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ITALY – Living “La Dolce Vita” in Your Own Home

Italy is an increasingly popular tourist destination with its great weather, fantastic architecture, stylish lifestyle and beautiful food. There is something different about the way of life in Italy. It’s not too fast yet it’s not too slow – a happy medium that people fall in love with.
With an increase in low-cost air carriers and reasonably priced properties this makes Italy a very attractive destination among holiday makers and investors alike. Traditionally investors have operated in the real estate market and this continues to be one of the main features of financial activity in Italy.
Many overseas clients purchase real estate in Italy because of “la dolce vita” lifestyle Italy offers, as well as the diversity of the different areas from lakes to beautiful coastline and from rolling countryside to breathtaking mountains. For example, there are large clusters of non-Italians living in Tuscany, Umbria, the lakes of northern Italy, the Veneto and cities such as Venice and Verona.
It’s no surprise that our clients choose to buy a property in Italy because of a love of the country and its culture, their interest in the arts, music and culture of the country; their attraction to the outstanding natural beauty of the various regions drives the decision to purchase here. Some also look for the great investment opportunities Italy offers, from renovating a beautiful old Italian home into a fabulous property that can earn high rentals during the peak season to refurbishing a rural property for their own use or to relocate.
Cyan work as an independent agent so when we help our clients with their property search it is based on your specific requirements, whether it’s a pure lifestyle purchase or lifestyle/Investment we work with you to find your ideal property rather than just offer you properties we are currently listing.